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10 Things You Should Know About FAIR Fund & Human Trafficking
1 March 2011

The 2011 DC Twestival will benefit FAIR Fund. Here are a few interesting facts that will help you better understand the organization's mission and why what they do is so critical. 


1. FAIR Fund works to prevent human trafficking of youth worldwide by building community leadership, providing education and empowerment programs, and offering compassionate intervention services.


2. In the U.S., prostituting a minor is a form of human trafficking. It is estimated that roughly 200,000 American children are at serious risk of commercial sexual exploitation.


3.Traffickers use newspaper advertisements, casual friends or colleagues, mail order bride catalogues, promises of love, and other forms of deception. They prey on the vulnerability of their victims and depend on it to continue their crimes. 


4. FAIR Fund has four programs aimed at combatting the trafficking of youth:

Tell Your Friends, JewelGirls, Campus Coalition Against Trafficking and Local and International Trainings.


5. The United Nations estimates that up to 200,000 minors are enslaved by international trafficking in West and Central Africa alone. 


6. In the United States, ANY minor child involved in commercial sexual exploitation is considered a victim of human trafficking.


7. Educating youth about how to keep themselves safe from sexual violence and human trafficking is a critical step in ending youth trafficking and exploitation. 


8. 70% of all victims of trafficking are trafficked for sexual purposes.


9. After the Trafficking Victims Protection Act was passed in 2000 by the Congress, there has been significant increase in the effort to combat human trafficking; however, there is no specific law against human trafficking or domestic sex trafficking in the District of Columbia.


10. YOU can help FAIR Fund by making a donation and/or by attending the DC Twestival on March 24, 2011.




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